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I had been in therapy on and off for most of my adult life with very little progress on addressing core issues. Grace changed all of that – her approach appeals to my desire to not just talk but to actually accomplish and I have found myself more honest with her than with any other therapist I ever worked with. I love the combination of individual and group therapy. I drag myself downtown each week to group – exhausted from a long day at work and asking myself why I’m going. But every week I gain strength, wisdom and self knowledge for the exchanges that take place in our group. It has been almost a magical experience – profound, deep and life changing to work with Grace.
— Kathleen

Grace has been a central part of my recovery process. She has helped me address my alcohol and sexual addiction. I appreciate her wisdom, humor, and compassion. I would not be where I am today without her help.
— Jack

Grace is an incredibly attuned therapist. From the start, she was able to understand what I wanted and needed from therapy. When I first came to treatment, I was saddled with overwhelming shame and guilt. After our work together, I have become more assertive, more confident and have learned to treat myself with greater compassion. Grace helped restore balance to my life.
— Lisa